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Austin Micro Markets

If you are looking for a program that can really excite your employees and guests look no further than the new “Micro Market concept. This new concept is sweeping the country and is a great way to double the number of product selections you can select from as well as providing a much greater selection of healthier for you products.

What is a Micro Market:

A micro market is where we replace vending machines with a new mini market system complete with a self check out kiosk.

We install beverage coolers, refrigerators and food racks and employees will select the products they would like then walk over to the self checkout scanner and scan the items they are planning to buy.

The payment kiosk is equipped with technology that can accept a variety of credit and debit card options as well as cash and even an employee loyalty card.

Other Highlights:

  • Web-based inventory management system makes adding products and evaluating inventory quick and easy.
  • Fully-automated inventory ensures freshness and subsidies are easily regulated and customizable.
  • Customers get to touch the products and view nutritional content before making their purchase.
  • Reduces employee travel expenses for snacks and lunch, as well as extended breaks for employees.
  • No loss of money or refund hassles.
  • Virtually no service calls.

If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary concept in break room refreshments please contact us.